About us

Trio Advisory provides integrated advisory services aimed to increase the value of your company

We offer comprehensive solutions to grow the value of our clients' companies through effective management of human capital and finance, reduction of business risks, and support in the creation of effective organisations. We provide professional valuations of each business element.


  • Our clients

    To be successful in today's fast-changing reality, we have to understand our clients' needs and translate them into the solutions we offer. Our clients are what matters to us most. Their needs determine our everyday work and contribute to the provision of top quality services and - frequently - new programmes and solutions.
  • Our work

    Quality is central to all our activities. It is a permanent challenge that we overcome by constantly raising the bar and setting non-standard objectives that are identified together with our clients. It is thanks to our top quality services and the combination of unique competencies of our consultants that we have so many regular and loyal clients whose high level of satisfaction with us we value most.
  • Our employees

    The employees of Trio Advisory are the biggest asset of this company. We are well aware of our market advantage directly resulting from our employees' expertise and practical experience. Today's and tomorrow's market astuteness and understanding of our clients' needs determine the development of our team, which is an indispensable element of the company’s sustainable success. By creating a unique place of work, the company fosters the release of human potential, creativity and innovative spirit. We also encourage all those who we work with to assume responsibility for their personal process of continuous skills development.
  • Our commitment

    Trio Advisory is committed to the maintenance of the highest standards of professional ethics. In as much as our clients are concerned, we deem it our obligation to deliver top quality service. Among its workers, Trio Management promotes dialogue as the most effective form of communication. We build our business in a responsible way, while respecting our clients, employees and business partners.

The company in numbers

  • 1 About us We are NUMBER 1 in offering comprehensive services
  • 16 Experience We have been supporting our clients for as long as 16 years
  • 100 Our team Nearly 100 EXPERIENCED CONSULTANTS are at your service.
  • 750 Clients Each year we cooperate with over 750 companies and dozens of new clients join the group of our regulars.
  • 15 Areas Trio Advisory is a synergy of 15 BUSINESS AREAS which contribute to our clients' success

Our offices

Apart from partnerships with a number of leading consultancy businesses and law firms abroad we have offices in Bucharest and Sofia.

Our headquarters is located in the Platinium building at 9 Woloska Street. ​We provide optimal working conditions under one roof to all our consultants and lawyers based in Warsaw. This enables us to work as a team.

  • Address:
    Trio Management Inc. Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Wołoska 9, Budynek Platinium I
    02-583 Warszawa
    Tax Identification Number 524-24-11-620​
  • Contact details
    Tel: +48 (022) 444 78 00
    Fax: +48 (022) 444 78 01

The building
You can find us in one of Warsaw's most modern office buildings surrounded by greenery