Innovation consulting

We help our clients develop innovative strategies supporting business development


Our clients turn to us

  • When they need professional analysis of their company's technology needs and innovation potential
  • When they seek assistance in raising funds for innovation and in the process of searching and implementing new technologies
  • When they want not only to develop but also to transform their business - when they are looking for new solutions and are not afraid of challenges

What makes us outstanding

  • Our consultants help decision-makers in the development, implementation and management of innovative solutions in companies.
  • We combine the competencies of a number of key teams dealing with innovations (strategic consultancy services, legal and business advice, transaction and start-up advisory services)

Our approach

  • We never shy away from a challenge. Innovation is a challenge that can be turned into your company's success.
  • We support our clients at each stage of the innovation process, starting from baseline studies, through devising a strategy, development of processes and models of innovation management to tests and implementation