Legal consultancy services

We understand business. Our clients are always our priority and that is why we will do anything to support their businesses.


Our clients turn to us

  • When they are looking for legal and business assistance in the areas of broadly understood commercial and civil law, intellectual property rights and their implications for new technologies, pharmaceutical law, real estate, construction or telecommunications law and many more. LAWARDS Law Firm has successfully conducted a number of transactions relating to investment, mergers and acquisitions also at international level.
  • We are approached by companies intending to introduce major organisational change.

What makes us outstanding

  • We have experience in dealing with institutionalised and individual entities as well as transactions
  • We strive for constant development by broadening the scope of our competencies and expertise. Apart from legal services provided to businesses, conducting individual projects, including venture capital-type ones, and participating in litigations, we put particular emphasis on our development in the area of broadly understood new technologies including areas linked to biotechnology.

Our approach

  • We approach problems in a comprehensive manner, looking for non-standard solutions, and offer advice tailored to our clients' business.
  • We propose optimum solutions where the applicable law and our clients' needs meet.
  • Our law firm aims to provide top quality and relevant service with our clients' business environment in mind.