Insurance consultancy services

We operate as one integrated consulting company by combining competencies essential in the field of insurance consultancy services. We also represent our clients.


Our clients turn to us when:


  • They are looking for a synergy between various types of insurances
  • They are looking for premium optimisation
  • They need professional analysis of their needs and advice relating to insurance
  • They expect additional services as part of insurance service


We offer:


  • property insurance
  • civil liability insurance for executives
  • contractors' all risk insurance
  • civil liability insurance
  • transport insurance
  • motor vehicle insurance
  • financial insurance
  • group health insurance
  • group life insurance
  • dedicated insurance programs

Our outstanding position on the market


  • As part of the Trio Management Consulting Group we provide consultancy services focused on making real cost savings while maintaining the quality of insurance covers.
  • We develop comprehensive solutions for insurance programs considering unique needs of each company.
  • We have actuarial department within the Group, which means that we calculate risks in the same way as insurance companies and we support our clients in negotiating insurance premiums.
  • We have extensive experience in dealing with companies subject to the public procurement law, such as hospitals, local governments, and public utility companies.
  • By tapping into all entities forming the Trio Management Consulting Group, we are able to offer a unique approach to analysis of insurance risks faced by our clients.



Our approach


  • We guarantee comprehensive insurance consultancy and service:
  • we perform insurance audits and valuations for insurance purposes
  • we develop insurance programs composed of various kinds of insurance
  • we negotiate low premiums and extensive covers with various insurance companies
  • we analyse and compare offers submitted by various insurance companies
  • we offer advice concerning your choice of insurance cover
  • we explain the intricacies of insurance terms and conditions
  • we help with claims adjustment