Performance improvement

Great people do small things in a great way. Good businesses are recognised by their unrelenting desire to improve everyday operations. All those who think about expanding their business should do so with operational excellence in mind.


Our clients turn to us when

  • They want operational excellence to become their chief competitive advantage
  • Their customers (most of them are big network customers) require top quality and high elasticity of supply
  • They are under constant pressure to reduce costs every year
  • They want to increase production capacity without additional spending on infrastructure (buildings, machinery, etc.)

What makes us outstanding

  • We have access to reliable experts in the fields of Lean Manufacturing, Quick Response Manufacturing or TPM
  • We are able to demonstrate how operational excellence translates into business and financial results
  • We assume responsibility for implementation

Our approach

  • We help to identify key employees in the organisation
  • We use AC/DC tools
  • We consider interests of all social stakeholders to guarantee smooth organisational change
  • We train managerial staff in various aspects of implementing major change in their organisation and taking their subordinates through the change process

Our projects result in

  • OEE raised by at least 10% in each project
  • Increased employee involvement and performance
  • Multi-million operational savings within 3 years of project completion