Human capital

Investing in human capital we help to achieve measurable business results.


Why our clients approach us

  • They are looking for a way to increase the effectiveness of funds spent on salaries/wages
  • They are planning for an organisational change and wish to boost it with motivational tools.
  • They want to invest in their managerial staff, therefore, they are seeking a way to perform a reliable assessment of their potential and limitations.
  • They have a specific human resources problem: Attracting or retaining workers, sickness absenteeism, ineffective implementation process, too high employee attrition rate, or disproportionally high wages, etc.

Mateusz Miciul : Consultant
Mateusz Miciul Consultant Contact
M: +48 519 898 611

What makes us outstanding

  • We combine various competencies complementing each other and indispensable for the whole transformation process – from diagnosing through change design and management to the preparation of legal documentation and providing training and communication
  • We are innovative. Basing on well-proven methods we develop unique solutions. That is why our clients are always a step ahead of their competition.

Our approach

  • We audit human resources management practices and we deploy AC/DC tools to diagnose potential among managerial staff and other employees
  • We design effective solutions for payroll policies based on job evaluation, modern approach to remuneration scales (as a map) and on the concept of the full salary policy.
  • Our proprietary innovative methods of competence evaluation serve as the basis for job grids and the development of basic rate systems.
  • Our operations are supported by IT tools, legal consulting, communication and training activities.


We offer full support in the development and training of human resources through organising comprehensive training events, open conferences as well as closed events whose form and topics are prepared in
cooperation with our clients and in accordance with their expectations as to the achievement of specific objectives. For more information go to:

Examples of our achievements

  • A 20% increase in productivity within 12 months
  • A 13% drop in sickness absenteeism within 6 months
  • A 20% decrease in the value of non-technology waste within 6 months
  • A 14% increase in sales within 12 months