Management stock options

We provide services relating to the development, valuation and implementation of management stock options programs and other long-term incentive systems for executives and key employees. We dedicate them to companies interested in the long-term development of their value reflected in the level of financial indices and key managers' motivation.


Our clients turn to us when:

  • As part of long-term strategies their management team and key managerial staff are faced with ambitious business objectives and in order to implement them need to be supported by well-proven incentives with appropriate impact and duration.
  • Their organisation is undergoing ownership transformation (merger/acquisition/changes in shareholder structure) resulting in the need for re-defining remuneration policies and motivation strategies.
  • A need arises to strengthen the retention of key staff and/or to attract talents from outside of the organisation by offering, among other things, attractive remuneration packages.
  • Their company is preparing for IPO and wants to link part of managerial remuneration with market valuation of the company as well as build a “share ownership” attitude across the team.

What makes us outstanding

  • Our one stop shop service covers the whole process – from the stage of analysing market trends to the stage of implementing the systems developed.
  • We put an experienced project team at your disposal, managed by experienced project managers. The team is composed of HRM specialists, lawyers, tax advisors, financial analysts, experts on Polish and international accounting standards and auditors.
  • We possess unique knowledge of trends and practices relating to motivation solutions based on financial instruments, gained thanks to the only such comprehensive survey of management stock options in Poland (cyclical publication: The Management Stock Options Market in Poland). The report contains analysis of 279 option programs operating between 2003 and 2012 in 189 companies.
  • Our solutions apply well-known legal and tax mechanisms and original solutions based on phantom shares or cash bonus plans. They are applied both to LTIP and STIP.

Our approach


Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Reviews of currently operational structures of total compensation paid to management team members/key managers, and further recommendations.
  • Full support in generating LTPI and STIP (market benchmarks, selection
    of the optimum generating mechanism, parametrisation).
  • Fair value valuations (Monte Carlo method, Black-Scholes method, binomial option pricing model) and recommendations for recognition in the books of accounts.
  • Legal support (resolutions of the General Shareholders' Meeting, Supervisory Board and the Management Board, statutes, executive resolutions).
  • Tax consultancy relating to LTIP (e.g. applications for individual tax rulings).