Cost optimisation

how to earn more while spending less

Nobody likes cost cutting. Compulsory cuts of excessive expenditure are rarely welcome by employees and suppliers. However, sometimes this exercise is necessary for organisations to catch their breath and start investing in its development.


Our clients turn to us when

  • They are looking for competitive advantage in cost leadership within their industry
  • They are interested in innovative methods of management and cost cutting
  • They are considering outsourcing services other than key competencies in their companies
  • They intend to significantly lower selected groups of operating expenses
  • They wish to implement EOD procedures

What makes us outstanding

  • We are geared towards results, we do not produce reports that will just sit on shelves
  • We identify financial reserves and how they occur
  • We implement dedicated IT tools, budgeting systems and KPI metrics
  • We guarantee sustainable advantages
  • We provide access to the most innovative solutions (e.g. reduction of energy costs: cogeneration and trigeneration)

Our approach

  • We perform cost audits where we develop detailed methods and assumptions for cost optimising projects
  • We use tools
  • We take into account our clients' particular circumstances and their
  • business intricacies, and offer practical solutions
  • We perform financial viability analyses and impact studies (Value Add analysis, benchmarking)
  • We support you with IT solutions, as well as systems of financial and operational metrics
  • We manage projects, prepare and supervise tenders, ensure transaction-related and legal support


Our solutions are constantly refined and proven in practice thanks to constant encounters with experts and Top Managers of leading businesses with which we cooperate - both in the everyday world of business and via our in-house platform for conferences, workshops and training events:

Our results

  • Reduction of selling costs and an effective increase in profitability by 25% within 10 months
  • Development of a programme reducing the costs of supply chain and central warehouse by 20% within 8 months
  • A model for outsourcing accounting and personnel services, resulting in cost reduction by 12% within 5 months
  • Reduction of fleet costs for an international FMCG chain by 16% within 3 months