Efficient organisations

We effectively improve company operations and limit the fear of organisational change.


Our clients turn to us when:

  • their company is facing new challenges linked to changes to the size of their organisation, e.g.: a new strategic client requiring certain organisational standards
  • their management methods no longer keep pace with the growing scale of the organisation (egg.: problems with scopes of responsibilities) or
  • the economic situation requires radical steps but without losing the most valuable employees)
  • for historical reasons the structure, job titles and the division of duties start hindering dynamic development

We offer outstanding service because

We are able to step in at each stage of organisational change, from diagnosis through design and management to the preparation of legal documentation, as well as the stage of implementation and communication. We love new, challenging situations where standard solutions fail.

Our approach

  • We diagnose the needs of organisations
  • We develop restructuring plans
  • We consider interest of all social stakeholders to guarantee smooth change
  • We guarantee the optimum division of tasks and responsibilities between positions/roles in the process.
  • We apply proven know-how in change management and project management.

Our achievements

  • Consolidation of parallel sales structures for a construction client without losing key staff
  • Significant boosting of results for an FMCG client as a result of disintegration of their internal supply chain