Sales and marketing

We translate knowledge hidden in data into effective decisions and business strategies.


Our clients turn to us when

  • They are looking for effective marketing and sales communication strategies using customer insight dispersed across their company's various systems.
  • They expect a comprehensive approach covering the whole process - from capturing customer data, through its enhancement and to subsequent application in effective communication as well as in building relationships customer loyalty.

Grzegorz Goldian : Partner
Grzegorz Goldian Partner Contact
M: +48 607388879
Over 20 years of experience in relationship marketing, loyalty schemes and CRM. He gained this experience at EURO RSCG and Saatchi&Saatchi. Grzegorz is also an expert on the application of statistical modeling techniques and data mining in business process optimisation and on effective marketing communication and sales.

What makes us different

  • We are able to determine a client’s or a lead’s future value, even at early stages of relationship building
  • We are able to determine the risk and time of leaving so it may be easily prevented
  • We are able to foresee how your clients will respond to a particular offer, which will make your campaigns more effective
  • Sales projections will allow you to adjust your logistics and production in an effective way

Our approach:

  • A holistic approach to data - dispersed data is not a source of knowledge
  • We enhance customer insight by integrating data from external sources
  • Advanced analytical tools and quick results
  • A multidisciplinary team of experienced experts - adequate and comprehensive solutions

Our projects result in

  • An increase of response rates and ROI in campaigns (telemarketing, emailing, direct mail) by 200% on average
  • An increase of response rates and ROI in campaigns (telemarketing, emailing, direct mail) by 200% on average
  • An increase in repeat purchases and a fewer leaving customers

Campaign Management

Owing to advanced analytical techniques (data mining) we are able to provide valuable customer insight helping our clients to understand their customers, choose relevant products, offers, time and ways of delivery.

Scoring and predictive analytics allow us to find the right customers for a particular campaign, thus guaranteeing its profitability.

We have unique experience in the very unique sector of retail - we have developed methods of measuring the real impact of a campaign on customers' decisions: Customers may visit a shop not necessarily because of a particular campaign. Appropriately planned customer selection for the purposes of a campaign helps determine its real impact and return on investment. "Open" or "click" do not automatically mean ROI, although they may be an indication. We measure real effects expressed in PLN.


Marketing Automation

Successful marketing campaigns require large resources. Knowledge contained in customer relationship management databases can be automatically translated into automatic marketing and sales communications, thus saving the time needed for running a campaign.

We help identify effective paths to purchase that are best in terms of conversion rates. Well prepared (taught) marketing automation systems will detect and send alerts or carry out assigned actions in situations of possible customer detachment or when the time is right to deliver a relevant offer.

We are unique because in designing customer journey we use not only general knowledge and best practice but also the knowledge that is concealed in customer databases and in the history of their transactions and behaviours, therefore we know what works and how efficient it is.

We also help select and implement MA systems best suited to our clients' requirements and integrate them with CRM.


Customer Feedback Management

We implement processes and tools measuring customer satisfaction. The data may be obtained through various communication channels (text messages, emails, telephone surveys). The process is fully automated - customer satisfaction questionnaires can be sent automatically, e.g. after a finalised purchase. Information about the result is fed to the CRM allowing your customer service to take up immediate steps. This data is also one of the most valuable sources of customer insight as it aptly predicts their future relationships with a particular brand, such as the risk of brand detachment or level of loyalty. We can measure such standard indicators as Net Promoter Score (SATMETRIX), but we also deploy more advanced tools used to determine various aspects of customer-brand relationships (product, customer service).

The constant monitoring of customer satisfaction guarantees that remedial steps will be taken when necessary which will result in higher effectiveness.


Geomarketing - we enhance customer data and knowledge

Geomarketing places brands and customers in a precise geographical area and location has often great impact on sales. We know where your customers live and which local factors can affect the development of your business. We will help you make decisions relating to the correct location or expansion of your chain and how local marketing campaigns should be conducted.

We have the knowledge and tools to explain failure of a business in certain locations, pinpoint factors contributing to its success and also to transfer knowledge and good practices to other places within the

The data that we have gathered can be used to enhance customer insight in the CRM B2C system, which facilitates effective customer targeting as early as at the initial stages of customer development and relationship building. Effective lead scoring using external data results in much higher conversions rates and sales performance. On the basis of analysis of our data combined with that from the CRM system we are able to estimate potential customer future value before customers get stable and predictable. Effective marketing often generates lots of leads that may cause operating problems. We help assess a lead and assign it to the most effective communication path whenever it is justified.


Loyalty programs

Our experts have long experience in the development and implementation of loyalty programs when it comes to their mechanics, regulations, design and implementation of IT systems intended for them. We have the knowledge and experience enabling us to perform audits of active loyalty programs and assess them from the perspective of process adequacy and effective communication. We are able to assess the effectiveness of loyalty programs and their return on investment.


Motivation programs

Seller recommendation remains one of the strongest factors driving a purchase. A well-structured motivation program is able to significantly increase sales performance for a product through engaging people who can make or break the deal. The identification of all key factors affecting end customer's decision and including them in programs offering financial and emotional benefits strengthens the bond between the business client and the brand giving it competitive advantage on the market.


data integration, quality management, audits of data and CMR processes

Data integration and data quality management are the basis for effective marketing communication. Dispersed data is not only a source of knowledge, it may also be a source of problems. We offer consultancy services and the implementation of data integration systems enhancing data quality.

Fragmented customer insight may lead to incorrect conclusions or ineffective and even illegal marketing. Data integration provides you with updated customer data that will allow you to make correct decisions at any time while guaranteeing legal certainty as well as high conversion and effectiveness.