Valuations and modelling

We evaluate every business element in a professional way

Our clients turn to us when they need to: 

carry out a transaction.

Our independent consultancy services help clients with analysing potential transactions of company acquisition or sale. Our valuations prove useful during price negotiations, making investment-related decisions and defining capital structure. We also provide fairness opinions.


spin off or sell part of their company


perform company transformations (legal form changes)


perform valuations necessary for obtaining funding and insurance.

Independent valuations may prove necessary to obtain funds and insurance (replacement value). Our valuations are used in the process of increasing capital (e.g.: valuation of contributions in kind) or procuring loans.


privatise companies


set exchange parities.

We offer support to management boards in price determination for the purposes of squeeze out, preparation of merger plans and valuations of contributions in kind

allocate purchase prices

Purchase Price Allocation Under IFRS 3, each business combination must be appropriately recognised in the buyer's books. We provide services that involve preparation of a comprehensive report for our clients that contains information necessary for correct settlement of transactions


As part of our projects we:

  • prepare purchase price calculations for the purposes of allocation
  • identify cash generating units
  • identify previously undefined assets and liabilities
  • perform valuations of recognised assets and liabilities at fair value
  • calculate assets or liabilities and equity relating to deferred income tax resulting from revaluations to fair value
  • prepare goodwill calculations taking account of impairment
  • offer support in making arrangements with auditors


In the process of purchase price allocation, identified assets are usually composed of previously unrecognised intangible assets. The most frequently recognised and valuated intangible assets are trademarks, relations with customers, databases, software, specific contracts (e.g.: franchise, building permits, concessions) as well as patented and unpatented technologies.

valuations of employee benefits

We perform actuarial valuations of provisions for pensions and other retirement benefits, jubilee benefits and other employee benefits
Actuarial valuation. For 15 years we have been performing actuarial valuations of provisions for pensions and other retirement benefits, jubilee benefits and other employee benefits. Within that period we have run several thousands of calculations for our clients - from valuations of provisions for pensions in companies employing a dozen or so people, to valuations of free coal supplies or equivalents for subsidised energy prices in companies and groups employing dozens of thousands of workers.

We specialise in comprehensive services for groups where we can tap our unique experience in the simultaneous running of dozens of projects and combine it with our knowledge of group reporting specifics within the prescribed time limits.

This unique experience, the most extensive on the market, brings measurable results.

We are immensely satisfied that we can boast referrals from both auditors and our clients, who frequently recommend us to their trusted business partners.

For a number of years now we have been providing actuarial valuations to Polish mines, power generating companies, groups, companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, companies with Treasury shares or foreign capital, small and medium Polish businesses operating throughout various industries and sectors. We are proud to have served such clients as Alior Bank, ABB, Bahlsen Polska, Bayer, CCC, Grupa mBank, Grupa PGE, Grupa Tauron, Grupa Orbis, Katowicki Holding Węglowy, KGHM, Michelin, Poczta Polska, Siemens , Telewizja Polska and many others.

verification of impairment of assets

Nasi eksperci służą wsparciem przy określaniu wartości spornego aktywa lub przy wycenie utraconych korzyści np. w prowadzeniu sporów sądowych

valuations of financial instruments

Our 15-years of experience in this area involves valuations of various types of financial instruments, such as:

  • commercial bonds
  • financial derivatives for currency transactions
  • SWAP and CIRS contracts
  • credits
  • loans
  • currency options
  • derivatives convertible into shares (including those offered as part of the so-called management stock options programs).

tax planning

We perform analyses of market values and prices for the purposes of domestic and international tax planning. We prepare independent opinions on valuations which are used by our clients as part of their tax documentation

What makes us outstanding

  • we have extensive experience – throughout our 15 years of operation we have performed thousands of actuarial valuations; every year we carry out a dozen valuations of companies/organised parts of companies; and a few draft valuations of brands/trademarks;
  • we work as one team, therefore, our communication is immediate and efficient at each project stage;
  • we assume responsibility for the results of our valuations – having full confidence in our experience, professionalism and knowledge we take responsibility for the results of our work;
  • we guarantee our clients a comfortable working environment, speedy response, consultancy services and support;
  • we always work closely with our clients to meet their requirements as best we can

Our approach:

We apply valuation methods consistent with the nature of your business and in line with available data and information.
Our most frequently applied valuation methods are:

  • discounted cash-flow method,
  • comparative method based on comparable listed companies and comparable private transactions,
  • adjusted net assets method, and
  • mixed methods.

Our results

  • Every third employee from the Rzeczpospolita 500 list is covered in our valuation (the 500 list is a ranking list of Polish companies created by the „Rzeczpospolita” daily).
  • We specialise in serving Poland’s biggest companies. Among our clients are such major players as:
  • Poczta Polska (over 80,000 employees);
  • PGE Group (over 36,000 employees);
  • Katowice Coal Holding (about 17,000 employees)