Process management

Business development often looks like trying to maintain balance on a seesaw, with implementation of changes on one side, and on the other – a well organised and smoothly running processes. We are able to not only implement changes but also stabilise businesses through good process management.


Our clients turn to us when:

  • Their company is getting ready to implement IT solutions that require a defined process environment
  • The way in which their company implements tasks/processes is inadequate or faulty
  • Process excellence metrics are difficult to determine

We have outstanding market position

We combine various complementary skills indispensable for the whole transformation process – from diagnosing through change design and management to the preparation of legal documentation as well as providing training and communication.

Our approach

  • We map out current processes; we analyse your requirements and how our process maps will be used
  • We develop maps of new processes
  • We test our solutions in practice
  • We train workers and managerial staff regarding the intended changes
  • We monitor the progress and effects of the changes implemented

Our achievements

Reduction of unnecessary reporting tasks burdening managerial staff by 15% on average per day.