Strategic management

Today's reality, so volatile and unpredictable, calls the notion of long-term strategies into question. Competing no longer resembles trench warfare; it looks more like daring manoeuvres straight from Star Wars. It seems that survival on a rapidly changing market requires good tactics before anything else.


Our clients turn to us because

  •  As their environment is changing, they wish to think over the elements of their identity and the key contributors to success in a new market situation.
  • They are not clear on whether or not their current situation justifies any changes or adjustments of their strategy
  • When implementing optimisation and development projects, they have reached the stage when single decisions with big business impact have to be made and they would like to see them from a broader perspective.

What makes us outstanding

Our strategic advisors help decision-makers get to the bottom of problems faced by their organisations and offer support in the process of defining threats and opportunities that arise as they pursue their business objectives. By reviewing various business models we are able to identify new business areas (blue oceans) for mature markets.

Our approach

collection and analysis of data necessary to make business decisions:

  • business environment and trends analyses
  • historical data analysis
  • organisational diagnostics (employees, processes, effectiveness)

advisory services and recommendations:

  • identification of strategic assumptions
  • defining development opportunities
  • creation of operational plans

support throughout implementation

  • change management
  • performance management



Our results:

  • All strategies developed with our participation have been implemented
  • All of these strategies have enabled our clients' organisations to develop.