Supported by the latest technology and many years of experience, we enable our Clients to maximize the potential of their parking lots. We make sure that the parking area operates in such a way to support the growth of value and goals of the entire property and its tenants.

Our team is able to design, execute, service and manage the most elaborate and complex parking investments.


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Parking Management
We have created a team that has extensive experience in building value for property owners with parking lots. We focus on providing the most effective solutions that facilitate not only parking, but all traffic. At the same time, we care about maximizing revenues and managing all the risks related to the functioning of parking areas.

We are at your disposal.

Design and installation of parking systems
We prepare a complete technical project and business model for a parking lot based on the requirements of a given location. We select a set of devices and systems. Our team of engineers, technicians, IT specialists and programmers provides turnkey installation.

On customer request we can finance a complete set of installations or their part.

Remote monitoring of parking lots
Our central monitoring team supports car park management and optimizes the costs and work of parking areas on-site. We provide the use of the car park in line with the expectations of the property owner. We use:

  • remote intercom and closed circuit television (CCTV)
  • entry control system
  • reservation system for parking spaces and zones
  • system of payment settlement and reporting
  • plate recognition system
  • car park customer support system
  • monitoring of traffic and occupancy

Parking lot technical service

We deliver high quality technical support in accordance with the contracted SLA. Our internal team consists of:

  • programmers and IT specialists
  • engineers
  • mobile service teams
  • technical and service teams in facilities

that allows us to provide customers with technical support and special warranty conditions in a cost-effective manner.

Revenue and billing management
We conduct comprehensive parking revenue management, tailored to the client’s location requirements and corporate policies. We can actively increase the revenues of the parking lot. We provide full reporting and transparent settlements with clients. Within our service we offer:

  • drawing cash from parking ticket machines along with counting and reconciliation
  • banking services to clients
  • processing all types of payments, including credit cards, online payments and digital payments
  • invoicing and settlements with corporate clients
  • transaction verifications
  • management and accounting reporting

We provide full on-line reporting and periodic management reports according to customer requirements. Sample data available from the systems include:

  • revenue by time and date or for the selected period
  • revenue by payment type
  • revenue broken down by location
  • data on traffic and occupancy of parking spaces – current and historical
  • parking hours and lengths according to defined parking groups and sections
  • technical status of devices, bug reports and service alerts
  • income reports by all available methods of toll collection
  • use of parking rates
  • validation statistics of loyalty programs and promotions

There is also a whole spectrum of other statistics and reports required in a given location or by a selected Client or tenant.

Tenants’ support
We make sure that the functioning of parking areas supports the increase of value and goals of the entire property and its tenants. For this purpose, we assist tenants and their clients in the following areas:

  • parking space reservations
  • defining and enforcing parking zones
  • connections with loyalty and promotional systems
  • customer validation
  • managing the occupation of parking spaces

We are always open to the specific needs of property owners, managers and tenants.


We offer the latest solutions of proven manufacturers as well as our own integrations and solutions tailored to the requirements of each client. The solutions we implement include:

  • Complete parking systems (including payment stations, barriers, intercoms, labeling, etc.)
  • Tracking and occupation systems
  • Automatic number plate recognition systems (ANPR)
  • Non-ticket settlement systems and parking space reservations
  • Mobile billing systems
  • Mobile applications and management reporting systems

We have a team of engineers and programmers who, at your request, will prepare a solution dedicated to specific location or corporate requirements.

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